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Some Words About us

PETRA Co. is a trading company with partners and offices in other countries which is active in oil, gas & petrochemical fields. Our experience, awareness of the market, technical knowledge and the most important of all strong sources help us provide satisfactory services for our customers on procurement. Also for our customer ease we have developed a network of cooperation between well-known brands to supply all customer requirements in one package as a one stop source. 

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How can you be certain you are importing the best products? We examine your product requirements against the current market demand and set out to better the product you’re currently importing in terms of both price and quality.




We analyze the market and find out about the target market requirements and market share balance. Then we define true strategies to enter the market with the lowest marketing expenses and best effects.




We are ready to check all your requirements and advise the best possible solutions for your problems in sourcing, marketing, contract drafting, payments, shipments and custom clearance. 


Monetary affairs


We have the facilities to handle your transfers to any banks in the world. In addition we are ready to give expert advice on LC terms and even open LC for you to any foreign banks in the world.   




You may know some suppliers in the world but cannot contact them for any reason or you may tend to carry out the purchase process indirectly. We can make this connection to help you with your requirements.


Contract drafting


You will be safe only if you consult an expert for international contracts. We have professional experts for drafting contracts. Make sure your business is on the safe side.




Our Sources